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Delivering digital growth across a whole city

Clarifying the proposition and strategy

“Form are a strategic partner to Uniform they continue to bring clarity and insights which help us grow our business.” Nick Howe, MD

New Hires
Growth in Turnover


Admired as one of the UK's leading design businesses, Uniform has over 20 years’ experience of delivering outstanding results for brands like Innocent Drinks, Mitre & The FA.

The leadership team saw a number of challenges in continuing to unlock the full growth potential of the company.

First, redefining a strategic vision that reflected the current ambitions of the company.

Second, ensuring the multi-disciplinary team was structured in such a way as to enable them to continue being at the forefront of delivering design and innovation solutions that create meaningful change for their clients.


Uniform have used our bespoke approach to create a package of support around their unique needs. We supported the board to help them clarify the company’s proposition and strategy to deliver increased growth.

Following that, we’ve designed and facilitated workshops which, amongst other things, have led to the implementation of a robust three-year business growth plan.

In addition, we curated an insights study trip where the board gained access to some of the world’s most recognised design studios.

We have also provided a mix of professional development training for their leadership and management teams including conflict resolution training and presentation/media training.

We are proud to be entering our third year of partnering with Uniform.

Accelerating growth across Manchester

"If you've got a desire to grow then this will give you the tools to do it" - Dan Nolan, MD TheE-Word

Company leaders trained.
Increase in turnover.
Hours of coaching delivered.


Engaging the creative, digital and tech sector across Greater Manchester with a genuinely groundbreaking, industry specific and credible business growth programme that’s a break from the past.

That was the vision that the Growth Hub’s Digital Growth Team laid out when they contracted Form as industry experts to design and deliver what became “Greater Connected”.


We designed and delivered the Greater Connected programme from top to bottom.

The Form team oversaw the creation of the brand, designed the course content and delivered 160 hours of leadership and growth training more than 100 of Manchester’s best creative and tech firms.

We also carried out skills transfer to the Growth Hub’s coaches to make them even more phenomenal at supporting the growth of the city’s creative sector.

The topics we helped leaders chew through included everything a creative company needs to grow sustainably - Proposition Development, Sales & Marketing, Recruiting and Retaining Talent, Managing Finance

In the follow up surveys, we were humbled by the fact that 100% of the delegates confirmed that positive changes had been made in their businesses as a result of being on the programme. The follow up analysis carried out by the growth hub showed that within a year of the programmes initiation, participating companies had collectively increased turnover by £15m.

Helping achieve global domination their way

Global innovation done faster

Accelerating growth and business development

“A massive thank you! Your coaching is super valuable, really pushing us further than we would have gotten without your help!” - Jonathan Courtney, CEO

Flights to Berlin and back so far
Majestic trip to Mallorca


Developing business savvy across the whole company, managing a period of rapid growth whilst formally launching a brand new business… all at the same time. AJ&Smart don’t do things by halves.

AJ&Smart are a unique Berlin-based product design company, known for being one of the world leaders in product design using Google’s Design Sprint methodology. The founders approached Form to help with all these challenges, and to offer the leadership team coaching and a sounding board to deliver an aggressive strategy whilst also staying sane.


The engagement started with our co-founder Sean delivering targeted and engaging workshops to the whole company on brand-building, team development and collaborating across functions to deliver company objectives.

Form continues to deliver remote coaching to key team members across the company and facilitate regular leadership days that focus on strategy, the health of the company and the wellbeing of the senior team.

Facilitating better workshops

The impact

Reduction in prep work


Unilever regularly runs complex innovation workshops that involve multiple functions, stakeholders and geographies. These seek to reduce the time it takes to launch a global innovation.

However, the increasing strain on travel budgets & offsite meetings meant that Unilever wanted some support to maximise the value from these sessions and find other ways to innovate faster.

We worked with their global design team to drive greater value from the sessions and deliver more confidently.


Over a number of days we equipped the leadership team with tools and processes that they could immediately land back into the business.

We covered a wealth of material that has ultimately helped to reduce the time to market. The three days were highly interactive and the results, in their words were... "the best professional training I've ever received" - Kelly Dawson, Senior Design Project Lead

Helping startups win the talent battle

Helping them find themselves

Supporting the tech sector's growth

What we've achieved

Northern cities reached
Startup founders trained
Winning score in "How many places" game


Rapidly engaging founders of tech startups in a relevant and credible way was job one for the Founders Network programme when it was created in the first year of Tech North’s push to support the tech sector in the North of England.

Along with a range of partners with specific industry expertise, Tech North approached Form to design and deliver a series of sessions to startup leaders across the Northern hub cities, including Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Newcastle.


The battle for talent is a theme constantly talked about across the tech community, with a skills shortage having real impacts on startups' growth prospects.

So we built sessions specifically to help founders think through their own approach to getting a competitive edge in securing and retaining top talent to grow their companies.

The workshops were met with universally positive feedback and were a mix of our own material and experience, interviews with successful tech leaders and facilitated discussion / planning exercises to ensure participants left with actions to put into practice the very next day.

Realising the vision of their organisation

What Mocha found

Growth in turnover


Mocha are some of the most friendly folk we have come across and they also do phenomenal work. Similar to a lot of businesses that we work with they were struggling to convey exactly who they were in a meaningful way.

Mocha had also been set up straight out of University so the founders were looking to get some external input about best in class processes, structures and talent recruitment.


Mocha was supported with a range of activities, their MD joined us on the Invent programme to gain exposure to some of the best in class businesses as well as developing a strong business network.

They also undertook a repositioning exercise which resulted in a rebrand. These two key activities were landed with ongoing accountability through regular accountability sessions to ensure maximum value was landed back into the business.

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