Bespoke Consultancy

Dedicated focus on growing your business your way

Whether it's new business training, NED work, leadership coaching or a tailored programme, creative companies engage with Form to gain both success and fulfilment.


Helping raise up and empower the key individuals in your company.

Facilitation 101

Equipping you to facilitate effective workshops for quicker results.

A programme to help your rising stars to lead teams, delight clients and deliver results.

How it works

Core Content

Four sessions with game-changing content like: Commercial awareness; Thinking strategically; Managing successful teams & Negotiating conflict.

Growth Assignments

Mini-projects where individuals are supported to embed their learning and deliver fast results in the business.


Ongoing support for delegates to ensure that their potential really does shine.

Being able to facilitate meetings and workshops enables you to deliver more memorable client work, avoid projects stalling and reduce costly rework.

How it works


We'll identify what workshop tools and techniques will make the biggest difference to your team.


A practical mix of content and exercises that equip you to facilitate meaningful and memorable sessions.


You leave with a set of tasks to embed learning and implement the benefits immediately.

Story Selling

Sell more effectively by connecting buyers with better endings.

Non-Exec Support

Ensuring the top team has every resource to drive the business forward.

One of our most powerful interventions that leadership and sales teams use to hone both their marketing messaging and their client interactions to deliver greater sales with less effort.

How it works


A full day training and workshop session with instant and compelling changes made to how you sell.

Fresh Language

Written up suggestions on bespoke and persuasive web copy, brand scripts and pitch material.


A half day follow-on session to integrate the changes and ensure that you're seeing a long-term difference made.

Top teams use our experience, contacts and resources to provide powerful board level support and make sure that what matters ends up getting delivered.

How it works

Direction & Momentum

Initial input from an expert guide to help you take ground in meeting the specific needs, challenges & opportunities that the business is facing.

Regular Accountability

Greater progress is always seen when there is a level of accountability. Regular sessions ensure that maximum value you and your team make changes that stick.

Ad-hoc support

For the time when crisis, confusion or challenge hits... We make sure that leaders don't have to face the tough stuff by themselves.