Emerging Leaders

Accelerating the growth of your best talent.

Emerging Leaders

A programme of support focussed on taking your top talent to the next level of creative and commercial competence.

Running a business is difficult and finding time to invest in the best individuals is often a struggle. Often they’re keen to learn, grown and develop and you’re willing them on, but somehow there’s a disconnect. We find that equipping these individuals with the rights tools and insights can be the catalyist for growth that both the business and the individual are looking for.

Our process

A diagnostic

The biggest challenges and opportunities to the individual & business are identified through a series of interviews and a diagnostic survey, this allows us to focus the time on the greatest opportunities


3 spaced training sessions. These equip the emerging leaders with insights, models and practical tools that they can immediately land back into the business to affect change

Growth challenges

Between each of the sessions, there are growth challenges. These provide a level of accountability for the individuals to maximise the impact of the investment.

Some of the most consistent needs we see include; Increasing commercial awareness, Effective selling, Managing others, Increasing self-awareness, Navigating conflict and Individual growth. We get that no two teams or individuals are the same so will build the sessions around your needs and opportunities.

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Some of the organisations that have invested in their best staff

I really feel it will prove to be an inflection point in the growth of our company.
David Levine CEO, Digital Bridge
A safe, fun and supportive place to grow personally in a way that has positively impacted our business. Well worth the investment!
James Burch MD, Angel Solutions
Changed the way my brain works, in a good way. I have taken my learnings into work life and personal life, and I feel like the possibilities are endless
Drew Grant Creative Lead, PH Creative