About Us

Meet the team who make change happen
Managing Director
Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson has spent more than 18 years growing a number of businesses, including the digital agency Mando, of which he was co-founder and CEO. Mando works for leading global brands and is one of The Sunday Times top 100 companies to work for.

After selling his interest in Mando Group in 2013, Form was born with the mission of equipping leaders to build remarkable organisations.

Matt is also a co-founder of Be One Percent, a charity empowering people to invest in projects supporting global communities.

Sean Sankey
Sean Sankey

Sean Sankey has a background spanning finance, tech, consultancy and creative. Over the last 15 years has been trusted by organisations large and small to help their leaders deliver significant change.

He has worked in or been consultant to executive teams in a range of SME’s across digital & creative sector as well as organisations as diverse as Aviva, Capgemini, Ofsted, HMRC, Dept. for Work & Pensions, Skyscanner and Shop Direct.

He also volunteers as Chair of Directors for the LifeCentre, a thriving not-for-profit serving the community of South Manchester.

Mark Harland
Mark Harland

Mark Harland is a leader, consultant and social entrepreneur. Over his career, he has worked extensively with global brands including Cadbury and Jaguar, as well as supporting high growth SMEs working with their management teams to unlock growth potential.

Mark has more than 25 years’ experience in running businesses and coaching leaders from business and third sector organisations.

Jon Minchin
Jon Minchin

Jon Minchin spent a number of years at Unilever working on global innovation projects and has helped to shape and define some of the largest brands in the world including Magnum, Walls, Carte d’Or and Lipton.

He has managed and also partnered with some of the brightest creative minds in the industry such as DCA, Design Bridge & JKR and leverages this insight into his consultancy.

David Crawford
David Crawford

David Crawford has worked for the last 25 years in marketing and digital agencies of all shapes and sizes.

He was most recently Managing Director of Branded3, one of the UK’s leading search agencies, and has also held senior positions at McCann, BJL and twentysix.

He has worked directly with clients such as American Airlines, UPS and Bentley and held positions in a number of tech start-ups delivering their digital & marketing strategies.

Why We Exist…

All organisations that end up doing something worthwhile are ultra-clear on their mission. Ours is simple. We come to work every day with the single aim of…

“Equipping leaders to build remarkable organisations”.

That’s it.

All our team have real-world, battle-tested experience of working with leaders to grow their companies in ways that are both creatively fulfilling and commercially rewarding.

All our programmes and strategies are developed with that one aim in mind… to help you create a remarkable organisation.

Our Values…

You can go into a room and pick some words that describe who you want to be. Or you could ask your clients how they would describe who you already are.

We did that. Here’s what they said.

“The folks at Form…”

1. “Are trusted guides.”

We’ve all trodden different paths. Got a bunch of various battle scars. Built different teams. Grown a group of companies. Helped our communities.

Our clients tell us that those experiences feed into our leadership development and growth programmes that brings them to life in a way that goes beyond the textbook.

2. “Bring clarity.”

We’ve been in a lot of offices. Not once have we heard “you know what’s needed around here is less clarity”.

Sometimes it just takes an external perspective, a well crafted question or the permission to cut through the noise and make a decision that will make all the difference in bringing about the kind of clarity that creates progress.

3. “Live generously.”

Leadership at its essence is an attempt at generosity. It’s giving something of yourself to make people and places better than you found them. We know we don’t always model this perfectly, but we’re always trying to get better.

4. “Believe in people.”

Two things can happen when you get older. You either get cynical about the potential for people to change or you see possibilities for change and improvement everywhere you go, because experience bears it out.

The latter is not just a better way to live, it’s the only place to start from if you’re going to help others grow. So that’s what we do.